Finance Team

Finance Team

The goal of the Finance Team is to fund the ministries that nurture people in their faith. The finance system in the congregation will raise, manage, and disperse the funds of the congregation that help realize the mission and vision of the church.


Generosity is a matter of action, intentions, and heart. One way to describe it is the grateful outpouring of gifts to others, out of our love for God. The OCCUMC Stewardship team encourages and assists our congregation to be better stewards as we continually prepare as disciples of Jesus Christ.  For all United Methodists, stewardship encompasses four basic elements of our membership vows shared when joining the Church.  When we join the United Methodist Church, we vow to support the church though our gifts, our prayers, our service, our presence, and our witness.  It is important for United Methodists to give not only of their financial means, but also to offer our time and talents, attend church regularly, participate in church activities, and to pray for our church family plus our church leaders. 

For more on stewardship and generosity see this link: Stewardship

Finance Committee, Chair